K-Pop Hitz Talent Show (Snapshots)


About one month ago, I accompanied my sister to the Berjaya Times Square for the audition of the Astro K-Pop Hitz Talent Show. If I’m not mistaken, the results for the show is already out though I am not sure if Astro has aired it yet. But I’m pretty sure that they have shown the Times Square audition already. Anyway, here are some pictures of I took of that day.

IMG_7515editcolourMy sis, Clarrisha giving it her all. :)


IMG_7511editcolorCute guy rocking his moves. Heh.

IMG_7512editcolorCute guy’s team mates.

IMG_7524editcolorThe host, Jehan Miskin.

IMG_7558editcolorA picture with the host, for memory keepsake.

IMG_7458editcolorI can’t help myself, so yes, another picture of the cute guy.

So, yes.. That is all the picture I have from the audition. Simply because, I left to shop right after Clarrisha performed. :) Like come on, I was at Times Square.. there is a gazillion things to buy there! Hahaa.

Till next time. xoxo.

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