Sparkly Purple [Stamping + Shatter]

IMG_8349Can you just see how gorgeous this colour is? It’s sparkly, something new for me, as I would prefer polishes without all the glitter.

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Review: Today nail polish is from Etude House (PP007). The only reason why I got this polish was because I fell in love with it while Tumblr-ing (someone reposted this and I saw it). When I saw the picture, I couldn’t really believe that it was from Etude House. Hence, I had to buy it myself and try it. So, yes and from the pictures, the polish looks amazing! It has a bit of holographic effect. In terms of the application, it was superb. Very smooth, with fairly thicker than the usual Etude brush for the petite series. And my nails have three coats, although two coats would suffice.

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IMG_8360And this is how it’ll look under the sun. Opted to have an outdoor shoot this time as the sun will bring out the sparkle in this polish. As you can see, I have stamped my nail as well! Haha, I managed to get the nail stamping kit for a steal! RM 12.90 from Times Square.


This is the image plate that I have used, M36. (And I tried stamping with the Thistle polish from Elianto, but the colour didn’t really turn out as I expected.) And oh, you don’t really need to use special polishes to stamp.

IMG_8354And this is my stamper with the scrapper. The metal one apparently works better, but it scratches my metal plate as well. :(

IMG_8350I couldn’t resist adding in another picture of my nails. Though, I should not have stamped with the black polish, cause it doesn’t bring out either colour much. Maybe a lighter shade would look better?

IMG_8489And this is how it’ll look with the OPI Black Shatter. To be honest, this wasn’t one of the best picture cause I took it in a rush. Anyway, I wanted to say how disappointed I am with the Black Shatter. Barely like a few months after I got it, it already started drying up! D: Sighs.

Inspirational pieces!



edit grey pants

pink bare back


These Beautiful Eyes. [Nail Art]

So sorry for the absence; am so busy with nerd-ing for my tests these days. To be honest, I don’t even think I studied this much for the SPM. Anyway, since I’m finally done with the test today (not the last ones, though), so I thought I ought to post a nail art that I have done not-so-recently.

IMG_8258Can you see what I’m seeing? :)

IMG_8260colourBlink, blink. Oh-so-pretty eyes, no?

IMG_8254-2 copy(See in-set), those were my inspiration for this round of nail art. :)

So, one day I was surfing the Internet, browsing some fashion stuff online (as usual) and I just stumbled upon this ring (as shown in the picture above) and the first thing that came to mind was a potential nail art design! OMB, right? There on, I started designing. Yes, designing. I’ll show you my sketches one day. Haha, I’m still sketching for future nail art. These are my little projects. I’ve even have a crazy thought of setting up a online shop to sell my designs; painted of course on the fake nails. Anyone up for that?

The polishes I used for this nail art is from FaceShop and Etude House. From FaceShop, I used WH002 (White) and BR801 (Nude). From Etude House, I used WH706 (Black) and PP007 (Purple). I have also used stickers for the nail art.

By the way, I am currently wearing the glittery, holograhic purple polish. Am super in love with it. <3 I’ll be posting up a swatch on that soon. That’s all, loves!

One day, world domination.

I have just watched the video, Move. Have you watched it yet? It such a simple video but yet, truly inspiring. I have always wanted to travel around the world but now, even more so.

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Watermelon Nail Art x [Sally Hansen’s Funky + Chic Contest]

Funky Chic Type vs5 copy
Hi girls! I realised it’s been some time since I lasted posted a nail art or even swatches. :O I haven’t even done the swatches for OPI Not Like The Movies. Pardon me, I have been busy with studies and a nail art contest by Sally Hansen Malaysia. Yea, I’ve been designing a nail art which suits the theme given; Funky + Chic. In the end, I decided on a watermelon inspired nails since I’m all for cute, mini food accessories.
So so so, what do you think of the design?! Pweety? Funky? Chic? :)
IMG_8059editIf you had to pick one out of the four nails, which one is your favourite? I have to heart the first one from the left. That really looks like a slice of watermelon. I didn’t want to create a similar design for each nail as I thought it would be too boring and predictable. Hence, you get this. :D
And this is my entry for the contest! Please do vote for me for liking my picture! :) CLICK HERE to vote.

UPDATE: I won the 3rd place for the competition! Thankius to all my friends who have supported me. <3

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So, girls, now that you have seen my nail art, what do you think about it? Awesome possum? It’s my first time participating in a nail art contest, so do give me your support, yes? Here are the steps to vote. :)
STEP 1: Head over to Sally Hansen Malaysia Facebook Page.
STEP 2: Like my entry/picture.
That’s all! Voting ends on 19th August 2011, 12pm. So hurry and vote for me! :) Thankius, in advance.
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PS – Do vote for my sister too! CLICK HERE :) Have a nice day!

Random Monday: Furry Leaves.


Shutter therapy. There is nothing like having a good alone time through some shutter therapy. The easiest place I’d go for a photowalk would be the park near my house. It may look like a pretty normal park with nothing interesting enough to shoot, but trust me, if you look carefully and slowly, you’ll be able to get some unique shots. Like this furry leaves. :)