These Beautiful Eyes. [Nail Art]

So sorry for the absence; am so busy with nerd-ing for my tests these days. To be honest, I don’t even think I studied this much for the SPM. Anyway, since I’m finally done with the test today (not the last ones, though), so I thought I ought to post a nail art that I have done not-so-recently.

IMG_8258Can you see what I’m seeing? :)

IMG_8260colourBlink, blink. Oh-so-pretty eyes, no?

IMG_8254-2 copy(See in-set), those were my inspiration for this round of nail art. :)

So, one day I was surfing the Internet, browsing some fashion stuff online (as usual) and I just stumbled upon this ring (as shown in the picture above) and the first thing that came to mind was a potential nail art design! OMB, right? There on, I started designing. Yes, designing. I’ll show you my sketches one day. Haha, I’m still sketching for future nail art. These are my little projects. I’ve even have a crazy thought of setting up a online shop to sell my designs; painted of course on the fake nails. Anyone up for that?

The polishes I used for this nail art is from FaceShop and Etude House. From FaceShop, I used WH002 (White) and BR801 (Nude). From Etude House, I used WH706 (Black) and PP007 (Purple). I have also used stickers for the nail art.

By the way, I am currently wearing the glittery, holograhic purple polish. Am super in love with it. <3 I’ll be posting up a swatch on that soon. That’s all, loves!

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