Nasi Lemak Bumbung @ SEA Park

I have never been a late night dinner/supper person, but when mom doesn’t cook dinner that night, I really haven’t got much choice. So, I bugged Dad to bring me out to eat (was actually craving for duck rice and ikan bakar) but Dad decided to try out the Nasi Lemak at SEA Park as shown in the 8tv’s Best in The World programme.

best in the world

It is actually a food programme whereby they preview the amazing good food in Malaysia.

IMG_8729colourMeet the nasi lemak (RM 4.50).

The sambal served was different than the usual one and it goes really well with the rice. The rice was just of a nice texture, not too starchy and moist. But the portion of the rice was incredulously little. You can barely see the rice in the picture. However, other than the rice and the sambal, everything else on the plate pretty much sucked. The chicken was tasteless and slightly burnt. The nuts was burnt to the core and the anchovies are just plain salty. As for the egg…. nothing fantastic there.

So, I would say that this nasi lemak is not the worst in the world but it is definitely not best in the world, as endorsed by the show. Either that, or the place lacked in quality control. :(

But one thing I’m amazed with the place was that it was behind a back lane of the shops! Very brightly lit and does not smells. And the normal nasi lemak (as shown above) arrives as soon as you’re seated. Haha, there is no need to order!


I’m having doubts whether I would consider going back there or not but if you wish to try it out, here is the address. Do tell me if you have other comments on the nasi lemak!

Nasi Lemak Bumbung

(Located next to Maybank)

Jalan 21/11B, S.E.A Park

Petaling Jaya, Selangor 46300.

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