Not Like The Movies Swatch + Black Shatter

Main copyThis picture feels like I’m doing a promo for OPI Katy Perry’s Collection. Haha, I wish. It looks pretty neat, right? Opted back for an indoor shoot, smoother background. Heh.

IMG_8662The earlier picture makes this picture look so plain, in comparison. Didn’t want to overdo the whole fonts and all, the focus should be on the nails!

Review: Obviously, today’s polish is from OPI Katy Perry’s Collection named Not Like The Movies. This is one of my first OPI polish together with the Black Shatter. I didn’t do a swatch or review on it mainly because I was too busy with my nail art. Finally decided to do it today, after a few months since I bought it.

So anyway, back to the polish. Since I was an OPI virgin, I was surprised at how smooth the application was. Also the brush was thick, makes it easier since there are better coverage with each stroke. In terms of the colour of the polish, it is a holographic one! That means it changes colour in different angles and lighting. From the bottle, it looks metallic greyish. But once applied, it has a hint of green and purple hue with tiny speckles of glitter. And brush strokes were very subtle and not obvious.

IMG_8639See the purple-ish colour in my first nail?

IMG_8640And here, you can see a more obvious green hue.

I find myself staring at my nails and just getting lost in it, because the colours are ever changing and it feels like I’m staring into a galaxy. The tiny sparkles are like little stars. Here are a few more pictures!



So, after reading this post have you fallen in love with this polish yet? I know I have. <3

IMG_8678 copy

And now, meet Black Shatter. I am sure you would familiar with this polish, who wouldn’t? OPI was the first one to mass produced and reintroduced the whole shatter nail polish. I have taken a few more pictures and you can totally see the different colours there is in Not Like The Movies!



To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend the Black Shatter polish because it dries up way too fast! :( I have used like say, for less than 10 times only and *poof* it is gone. Damn. I really loved the shatter design. I would probably consider buying a another brand. Will see how it goes along, though I am afraid that the same thing might happened.

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