Sally Hansen: Green with Envy Swatch.

Sally Hansen copy

I’m seeing green these days, what colour are you seeing? (There was inside joke going around with the girls from college about seeing colours. Haha.) Anyway, I have always loved the green colour and the shades of it too. So, I must say that I was happy when I got to review the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in the colour of “Green with Envy”.

IMG_8907I have to say that I love this shade of green; it is a cheerful and happy colour. If I’m feeling bored, I’ll just look at my nails and I would just smile. (I’m not crazy or anything, but the colour is so bright, you will to.)

IMG_8906Would you believe if I told you that I didn’t have top coat on in this picture? :)

Review: Of all the nail polishes that I have, I don’t actually have one by Sally Hansen. Perhaps one of the reasons was due to the lack of choices in colour (that was available in Malaysia but in US, there is a plenty) and also, I have no idea where to find them.

But I have never been happier to welcome this amazing polish into my collection, mainly because the colour is simply gorgeous. Besides that, this polish is slightly on the thick and creamy side. So, two coats (in the picture, I used two coats as well) would be enough to give a clear and opaque finish. However, it is also prone to air bubbles so you’ll have to be careful and apply thinner and lighter strokes. And I also didn’t really like the brush for the polish (or maybe it just need time to get used to.. since it is quite different from the rest). The brush is thick but not as flexible as I would like it to, and because of that, it is quite hard to apply the polish on the sides of my nails. And oh, this polish is surprisingly easy to remove despite how highly pigmented it was. So much more loves for the polish because of that is a major plus point for me.

Anyway, this polish is from the Xtreme Wear series, so I decided to wear the polish without the top coat to see how long it would last without peeling off or even chipping off. Right now, I'm at Day Three of the polish and it still looks almost as good as new (albeit less shiny since there is no top coat). I'll be posting some follow up pictures for you to see the difference after a few days (maybe weeks?) with the polish.

IMG_8905This polish is almost perfect, it’s shiny without a top coat and it lasts so long! The only downside, is that it stays on pretty for such a long time that I don’t have a chance to change my nail polish.


  1. This is super random, but thanks for showing the number! I'm starting to compile a spreadsheet for my stash and my bottle was bought before the lineup change a year & half ago. My bottle has a black cap with no sticker! Green With Envy is no longer on the website and all the numbers have changed, too! (I'm not sure if the actual bottles all have different numbers now)