Shutter Therapy.

I read Robin Wong's post on his thoughts of photography with great joy, what he wrote was something I could personally relate to. This is an excerpt of his post;
"I have shot at that street already, I don't think there is anything interesting left to photograph." Same street or place, may have different people and activities at different times. Walking down the same street the second time will give you different subjects. Also, you may be more open to different opportunities, since you are already familiar with the street. Going to the same place to shoot again can help to improve your photography, because you can approach your subjects differently, with a different lens and perspective, or different shooting style. Nothing is the same in each shooting session, you decide your own variety.

Before reading his post, I wanted to walk to the park and shoot. But I hesitated, since I’ve been there at least three times to shoot already and there were probably nothing interesting there. However, after reading it, I thought why not. I mean, just give it a try. I might be surprised.

IMG_9004colourShot was taken after it rained, around 5pm where the sky was still clear.. albeit being slightly cloudy.

Indeed, I was. Unexpectedly, I managed some shoots which I thought was pretty okay for a novice photographer with a compact camera. To be honest, I try not to put myself down by thinking that I can’t take good pictures with a compact. Because Canon S90 is a pretty awesome camera.. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

IMG_8994_colourFor this picture, I actually had trouble trying to find an angle. Even after I took a few shots, I wasn’t satisfied but I settled for this anyway. What do you think of it?
I’m only going to post these two pictures this time and save the other two for later. Hehe, so do look out for the pictures. And you can always click on the tag Walk in The Park to see the older pictures I took. Frankly, looking back at those pictures, I have improved in term of the composition of the subject and all the other photographic aspects. What do you think? If you have any comments, I would love to hear them. :) After all, I’m still looking at areas to improve myself.

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