That point in life.

“There are some things in life, if I could..if I could, I would change how it had to happened. Some were in my control, some not but in the end I would regret some the choices I made, and how I wished, how I wished it could turn the other way around. I find myself wishing, willing time to just miraculously turn back just so it could happened the way I wanted it to be. But it would not, so I’m left with either wistful thinking or learning to accept that past mistakes make me the person I am today. Most often than not, I find it hard to accept that past events is a past and there are the futures one that was worth the time pondering upon.”

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I think this post is a bit rather overdue as I had a short photoshoot quite some time ago with Alex. This wasn’t a fashion shoot or anything, we just decided for sort of a test shoot. Hence, the extremely plain and boring outfit which kind of makes me look like I’m anorexic. :S Note to self – Never wear spaghetti tops for shoots!

Also, if you must know, it was my first time so I must admit that my expression wasn’t one of the best out there. Hahaha. But I did have a lot of fun, despite the mosquitoes (11 bites!). Shots were taken near the Bukit Jalil LRT with Panasonic GF1 and a few lenses which I do not know the specifications. Heh.

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The credits for the pictures in this post goes to Alexander Rudra.





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I’ve got two more pictures which I thought was really nice and would be such a waste if I didn’t post it up here as well. These portraits were taken recently when we got to meet up over lunch. Honestly, I almost always never have the confidence when my pictures are being taken. Simply because I would smile too widely which would end up with me looking ugh-lee. Yes, please. Someone can just smack me and tell me I’m too bloody self conscious already. (Confession: To be honest, I never really liked the face of my shape, chubby cheeks! But I have learnt to accept it now. I’m 19 and it is already time to look in the mirror and shift from saying ‘Can I have a sharper face?’ to ‘This is my face.’) Heh.

_1160668-2:) Smiling without teeth. Eee.

_1160665Dreamy look? My skin looks so flawless! Heh. Post processed (I think?) and BB cream.

* * * * * * * * *

So, just the other day my dad asked why do I want to go for shoots? I answered for fun, but actually, I do have another reason. But I really don’t know how to put it into words right here. Maybe I’ll tell you, if you asked me in person? :)

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