Sally Hansen: Blue It Swatch.

I have not been posting or doing nail arts as often as I liked, simply because I’m just too laden with studies these days. Seeing that I’m taking two papers at one go! So, you imagine double the stress I had from the last semester. But when I received another Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish in the mail, I simply couldn’t wait to apply it and do a review up.


Here’s a teaser picture of the nail polish. It’s called Blue It, from the picture you can see that it is a shade of sapphire blue. And would you believe if I told you that my thumb didn’t have any top coat on? :) Oh, yes. It is that shiny on its own. I have previously swatched Green with Envy, from the same Xtreme Range. And I must admit, that the nail polish did not disappoint but instead left me more impressed than ever. The formulation remain the same consistency seen in the Green with Envy swatch earlier. 


Review: I was particular impressed with this series, having reviewed the Green with Envy nail polish from the similar range (Sally Hanse Xtreme Wear Series) the last time. The sapphire coloured polish contains some glitters, so it is not of single flat tone. Also, I thought the colour was pretty intense, in fact two coats provided sufficient coverage. This time around, I have gotten used to the brush and I was able to glide the polishes a bit more easier compared to the first time. Though I still have gotten used to how small the cap was and how long the stick was, I still felt that it was easy enough to apply the polish comfortably.


I have to admit that the colour is really gorgeous and frankly, I wouldn’t have bought this colour as I usually stuck to the pastels. But it’s a daring colour, one that would attract tonnes of attention from the girls.


Are you girls getting bored with the nails on m lips pose yet? :P Haha, I kinda like the effect of my naked face against my eye popping nails. I didn’t have that many picture for this post, mainly because it started getting cloudy and my pictures ended up being too blurry. Next time, I’ll be sure to shoot when the sun is up!

Till next time. xoxo.

From FreshKon, the Alluring Eyes Range.

I dare say that it is not uncanny to find most girls wearing coloured contacts these days, especially those lens that are able to make the eyes look bigger. I have stumbled upon these so call Korean Geo Lens, going at about RM 25 per pair which is pretty cheap but I heard some warnings that the ink from the lens could come out. :O Because of that, I was kind of afraid of wearing coloured contacts….. that was of course before I came across FreshKon cosmetic contact lens that comes with power.


I was particularly interested in the Alluring eyes range because of the natural shades available. As much as I would love to have bigger eyes, I didn’t one to come across looking like Ju On or rather, a ghost, with eyes far too huge.


So, out of the four shades available, I chose Winsome Brown seeing my eyes are of slighter darker brown. I was hoping that the lens would bring up the brown in my eyes. Do you think the lens managed to do so? :) I felt the lens look really natural and it is almost like my eyes were really of that light brown shade.

IMG_9168 editHere is a close up picture of the lens, and how the lens look on my eyes.

The lens from this range features a full circle print, resulting in a bigger and brighter eyes with a high water content (55%) for better comfort. And I must say, it is pretty comfortable and I didn’t experience a slight sting or blurred vision at the edges (as these are pretty normal for first time coloured contacts wearer). I found the lens really soft as well compared to my usual lens, it is close to being flimsy but not quite there yet. You can wear the lens for more than 8 hours too, thankfully!


In case you didn’t know, FreshKon Malaysia is having a Model Search contest on their FB's page. It is pretty simple to join the contest and the steps are summarised as below for you. :) I have joined the contest, have you?


For more information about the Alluring Eyes contacts, you can watch the short video clip below.

And one last picture of myself with the lens, but I tried not to smile and ended up looking too serious? Haha.

IMG_9196I think I wasn’t staring at the camera? Haha, my camwhore skill so #phail.

Yellow Polka Dotted Nails; DIY steps.

I’ll be honest and say that I have left my nails bare, naked for a few weeks or so, since I have absolutely no inspirations or even the mood to do them. Too much have happened; I’m dealing with my best friend leaving, exams and what not. But, one fine day, I just did my nails. It was one of the most simple nail art, something anyone could have done. Polka dotted nails!


I thought it would be too much to paint the whole nail and make it polka dotted hence, I did it in a somewhat similar way of a French manicure. I didn’t paint any nude polish, I merely painted the tips with Etude House yellow polish and dotted them with a black polish also from Etude House.

IMG_9088Closer look at the nails.

As you can see, the lines are not really neat as I would like them too only because of the stickers I used this time around. Like I mentioned earlier, this is a super simple nail art, hence the stickers I used are really common and you wouldn’t need to buy them from any nail specialty shop even.

For this post, I have decided to include a few DIY steps since the nail art is really really simple! You even can do it now.

Polka Dotted Nails

You’ll need:

  1. Two nail polish of any colour of your choice (One for the base and another for the dots)
  2. Tooth picks
  3. Reinforcement rings (the sticker you use when your punched paper is tearing apart)

IMG_9094Oh, yeaaa. That is all you need. It is really that simple.

IMG_9074Ta-da! This is the amazing stickers I used for to help me outline the tips of my nails. You’ll just need to stick it on your nails like how I did it here.

Tip: Do press on the edges, if not the outline would not be neat as seen in the second picture above.

IMG_9099And this is how the polka dot is done using a toothpick; you don’t need a dotting tool specially for dots as the toothpick works fine!

  1. Firstly you’ll need to coat the toothpick with your desired nail polish till it forms a huge glob (like in the picture).
  2. Then, you’ll just need to lightly press against your nail. I demonstrated this on a piece of paper (since my nails were done already) to show you that the dot created will slightly bulge out.

Tip: Give it some time to dry before you apply a top coat. Also, a thick nail polish is preferably to be used, since it wouldn’t drip so easily. :)



Somehow, my nails remind me of a band aid that I have conveniently plastered on the tip on my nails. Haha. If it is not that, it also reminds me of leopard prints. :)

What does it remind you of? If you have any questions, don’t be shy to drop a comment or two.

That Film Photography Shoot, I had.

For the full album, click here. Credits goes to Alex Leong. :) Thanks Jen Yin for hooking us up.

Random Monday: In The Kitchen

IMG_7395Ingredients of ABC soup.

Farewell, for now.

IMG_8989colourThis is one of the few pictures from my Walk in The Park series. Click here for more pictures.
I could vividly remember what I said a few weeks ago to my friend. That time, she was pretty upset and was dealing with a number of farewells; you see her friends are leaving to study abroad. I didn’t really mean to rub it in or anything, I just innocently stated that my best friend would never leave. And that I would probably never have to go through what she went through.
But life, as it always do, surprises you when you least expects it. Never would it have came across my mind that my best friend would be leaving for UK. The odds of that happening? 0.00001%. Somehow rather, she got lucky (as she would have preferred to say it) and off she goes to UK for four freaking years. I really can’t imagine what I’d do without her, especially on those days when I am down. Talking to her always always always makes me feel better, no other person can replicate that.
We can talk on the phone for hours. We can also not talk, but just hang on the phones… minding our own business, doing our own stuff but bugging each other when we’re bored. We called it comfortable silence (since no one is talking). I know for sure, I will miss her so much. There is Skype and Facebook, but to be honest, it’s just not the same.
As I’m typing this, I’m this close bawling my eyes out. I know it is totally pointless to cry since it is not like she was leaving this world, she is just going to another country. So, maybe I can’t see her in person but she will be back. But still, it is not the same. Maybe I’m afraid I might lose her.
I hope not.