Farewell, for now.

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I could vividly remember what I said a few weeks ago to my friend. That time, she was pretty upset and was dealing with a number of farewells; you see her friends are leaving to study abroad. I didn’t really mean to rub it in or anything, I just innocently stated that my best friend would never leave. And that I would probably never have to go through what she went through.
But life, as it always do, surprises you when you least expects it. Never would it have came across my mind that my best friend would be leaving for UK. The odds of that happening? 0.00001%. Somehow rather, she got lucky (as she would have preferred to say it) and off she goes to UK for four freaking years. I really can’t imagine what I’d do without her, especially on those days when I am down. Talking to her always always always makes me feel better, no other person can replicate that.
We can talk on the phone for hours. We can also not talk, but just hang on the phones… minding our own business, doing our own stuff but bugging each other when we’re bored. We called it comfortable silence (since no one is talking). I know for sure, I will miss her so much. There is Skype and Facebook, but to be honest, it’s just not the same.
As I’m typing this, I’m this close bawling my eyes out. I know it is totally pointless to cry since it is not like she was leaving this world, she is just going to another country. So, maybe I can’t see her in person but she will be back. But still, it is not the same. Maybe I’m afraid I might lose her.
I hope not.


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  2. Heyy Carmen.
    I totally get what you're feeling right now. My two best friends left for India and Aussie and I totally *died*. I cried so much I couldn't believe it myself haha. I guess I was feeling the same as you, that I'd lose them. Well, we just gotta look on the bright side, be happy and try our best to keep in touch. It'd be what they'd want us to do. :)

  3. Hi Andrea! Yeap, I keep telling my friend not to change and always remember me.. Haha, she had to keep reassuring me that she was just leaving for a few years and not forever.