Sally Hansen: Blue It Swatch.

I have not been posting or doing nail arts as often as I liked, simply because I’m just too laden with studies these days. Seeing that I’m taking two papers at one go! So, you imagine double the stress I had from the last semester. But when I received another Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish in the mail, I simply couldn’t wait to apply it and do a review up.


Here’s a teaser picture of the nail polish. It’s called Blue It, from the picture you can see that it is a shade of sapphire blue. And would you believe if I told you that my thumb didn’t have any top coat on? :) Oh, yes. It is that shiny on its own. I have previously swatched Green with Envy, from the same Xtreme Range. And I must admit, that the nail polish did not disappoint but instead left me more impressed than ever. The formulation remain the same consistency seen in the Green with Envy swatch earlier. 


Review: I was particular impressed with this series, having reviewed the Green with Envy nail polish from the similar range (Sally Hanse Xtreme Wear Series) the last time. The sapphire coloured polish contains some glitters, so it is not of single flat tone. Also, I thought the colour was pretty intense, in fact two coats provided sufficient coverage. This time around, I have gotten used to the brush and I was able to glide the polishes a bit more easier compared to the first time. Though I still have gotten used to how small the cap was and how long the stick was, I still felt that it was easy enough to apply the polish comfortably.


I have to admit that the colour is really gorgeous and frankly, I wouldn’t have bought this colour as I usually stuck to the pastels. But it’s a daring colour, one that would attract tonnes of attention from the girls.


Are you girls getting bored with the nails on m lips pose yet? :P Haha, I kinda like the effect of my naked face against my eye popping nails. I didn’t have that many picture for this post, mainly because it started getting cloudy and my pictures ended up being too blurry. Next time, I’ll be sure to shoot when the sun is up!

Till next time. xoxo.

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