Flawed beauty.


“Today, I like a klutz. Actually, I’m a klutz everyday. But, today, just a little more. I am the kind of girl who get cinema halls wrong and I can’t remember numbers well. Can we still be friends? :)”

Two weeks plus since I last blogged, damn. This semester, I’m simply laden with far too many exams, issues and stress. Blogging has taken a back seat on my priorities. But, today, I’ve had it and I decided to have my another Walk in The Park shutter therapy.

* * * * * * * * *

It started out quite disappointing, with the insects flying all over when I tried to take a picture. I kept walking till I passed by a row of neatly trimmed bushes. A few stalks of pink flowers caught my attention, but only for a moment. I walked on straight. A few steps after, I stopped and looked back. There was something about the flowers that was not quite right. It was imperfect, such is the wrath of the insects.

The flower is flawed. It is not hideous, just flawed. Like us all.

 * * * * * * * * *

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