Behind the scenes: Aladdin the Musical.


Have you heard of the latest musical in town? Oh, yes. Aladdin the Musical would be playing in Sunway Lagoon itself! I fondly remember growing up watching this Disney cartoon, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that a musical adaption is being produced right here, in Malaysia. And last weekend, I managed to get behind the scenes of the musical itself, where the cast rehearsed a few scenes and also, toured around the venue of the musical.

IMG_9581If I’m not mistaken, she is the story teller/fairy. Got to love her skirt. :)

Based on the rehearsals, the musical seems very promising and you can be rest assured that the adaption will be an entertaining one. There were songs from Lady Gaga, Travie McCoy and even Katy Perry. An you won’t imagine who was singing these songs. The genie would be the one preforming these songs. Amazed, huh?

IMG_9571The booty-shaking Genie. Trust me, you won’t get enough of him.

Haha, meet the Genie. The Genie character is the most fun and lovable one of them all and he might just steal the spotlight from Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.

IMG_9583And this is Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.

This scene is when Aladdin brought her on the flying carpet, and of course, they sang ‘A Whole New World’, the popular song from Disney’s Aladdin.

IMG_9585(Right) Aaron Soo, CEO of Sunway Lagoon. (Left) Chris Colby, Director

We were told by the Mr Aaron himself, that 3D effects would be used during the musical, along with live animals on the stage as well. This was of course, by far the first time ever that anyone have attempted something like this. The animals were currently being trained by the Petting Zoo, Sunway Lagoon. I can’t wait to see the goats, chicken and ducks quacking away. Haha.

IMG_9592The stage currently being set up and if you observe the lights, it is painted with UV light to create a 3D effect.

Oh, I was amazed when I found out that the production team were from Malaysia! Don’t you feel proud already; Malaysia Boleh, baby! And the best thing was, that all the preparation for this musical started a mere 2 weeks ago. When I said all, I meant like from the casting and the rehearsal! Everything in two weeks!

* * * * * * * * * * *

This was the first time I managed to get behind the scenes for a musical and it has been a wonderful teaser. Haha, it certainly did leave me wanting to watch the whole musical and I cannot wait to watch it. So, for those who are interested in getting tickets, here are the details. :)

  • Aladdin The Musical will be playing at the Amphitheatre @ Sunway Lagoon from November 25th, 2011 until January 2nd 2012.
  • The musical will show once a day, from Sunday to Friday at 8:00pm (no show on Tuesdays), and twice on Saturdays at 7:15pm and 9:15pm with extra shows on 25th December 2011 (Sunday) and 1st January 2012 (Sunday) at 7:15pm and 9:15pm.
  • Ticket prices range from RM300, RM250, RM200 and RM100 for adults and RM150, RM120, RM100, and RM50 for children up to 12 years old.

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