Who’s That Girl Search by Clinique!

Uh-huh, you read that right! :) Clinique is back with another search after their famed Star Tour, and this one is called Who’s That Girl Search, in partnership with CloveTwo. It is similar to the Star Tour, with a makeover and a “Snap and Win” online voting contest later on, but the best thing about the search this time, is that it is absolutely free of charge.

Yup! All you need to do is head out to the nearest Clinique counter, request for a Who’s That Girl Search makeover and you’ll have the options of choosing from four different make-ups for the different personalities. They have Fashionably Flirty (for the fashionistas out there *squeals* ), Downtown Cool, Classic Chic or Laid-Back Luxe.

I had my make over done today and after it, I am nothing but impressed! I chose the Fashionably Flirty one as I think it suits me and the skirt I was wearing (as described in their brochure). Haha, I’ll attach pictures of the brochures and then you have read up to see which styles suit you best, yea? :) So, anyway, I really liked how Carol who did my make up, she was very sweet and personal. In the sense, that she took the time and effort to talk and explain about the products used and what suits my face, as well.

And oh, after the make over, you’ll have to take two shots of yourself (one close up and a full body one). And after that, upload them to http://clovetwo.com/contest/cliniquewhosthatgirl/.

who is that girlHere is my close up picture. You can really tell the difference. :O Hahaa. How awesome is make up. :)

IMG_9760And my full body picture! Remember the tiered skirt? :) Spot it in the brochure later.

So, have I got you running to the nearest Clinique counter to get your makeover done? Oh, yes. I almost forgot. You’ll even get freebies for joining this make over!

IMG_9753See the scrub and the lip gloss at the right side of the picture? Yeap, that is yours to keep after the makeover. :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Here are some details that you might find helpful to join the Clinique: Who Is That Girl Search.

Snap and Win’ Online Voting Contest

Enter Clinique’s Who’s that That Girl Contest* at any Clinique counters nationwide from Nov 7-27 (Extended to NOV 30!), 2011 and learn how to create the perfect style – from Fashionably Flirty to Classic Chic. For further details, log on to http://clovetwo.com/contest/cliniquewhosthatgirl/ *Contest open to female Malaysia aged 16-28 years only. 

Brochures for Clinique: Who Is That Girl Search

F11Asia_SE_Whosthatgirl_Booklet (2)F11Asia_SE_Whosthatgirl_Booklet (4)F11Asia_SE_Whosthatgirl_Booklet (6)F11Asia_SE_Whosthatgirl_Booklet (8)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hope you’ll have fun during the makeover and do tell me of your experience! If you would like to share with me your pictures, you can always send them to me as well. Hahaa. :)

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