Hello in Goodbye.

I want to thank those who have been there for me, without each and everyone of you, I really don’t know how I could hold myself together. I love each and everyone of you. <3
IMG_9809This is a pictures from my Walk in The Park series. Click here for more pictures.

New chapter; everyday is a new chapter.

Yesterday marks the end of a chapter of my life. It wasn’t easy to do it, but needless to say, it was something that I should have done eons ago. But for what it was worth, I held on till yesterday. Looking back, there are memories that I know I would cherish forever and of course, moments that I wish I never had to relived. And then, there are wishful thinking. I wish I had not given in so easy or I could have fought for what was my worth. But what is done is done. I am just glad, it is over. It is time to move on.

“The first one is the worst one, when it comes to a broken heart.” Boys Like Girls

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