Nail Art: Keroppi, the Frog.

It has been some time since I did a nail art, but I was pretty inspired by CutePolish's Keroppi nails, (she made it seem pretty easy to do it), so ta-da, here is my nail art. I have to admit that this was the first time I used a brush and my dotting tool for a cartoon inspired nail art, so keep your expectations lower. ;)


At this point, if you don’t know who or what Keroppi looks like, you could be thinking that this is kind of cute. Also, you don’t understand why are there stripes of red on my white tipped nails.


“Keroppi Hasunoue (はすの上 けろっぴ Hasunoue Keroppi) is a Sanrio (the same Japanese creator of Hello Kitty) frog character with large eyes and a V-shaped mouth. Keroppi loves adventure, and his bubbly personality makes him popular around Donut Pond.” - Wikipedia

IMG_0851 copy

And now, you get to see a picture of Keroppi! Some of you might be thinking, “Whud, it doesn’t even look similar to the cartoon.” I have to agree, because I wrongly estimated the size of the white dot using my dotting tool. Essentially, it has all the colours but the eyes. T.T


So, honestly, what do you guys think of the nail art this time? :) And if you are interested in doing this nail art, I’ll show you the polishes that you would need.


Left to right: Seche Vite; Topcoat, Etude House; WH706  , The Face Shop; WH002 , Sally Hansen; Green with Envy, Nature's Republic; RD502, Etude House; PK011 , The Face Shop; Nail Strengthener (used as base coat).


Here are the tools I used! I have yet to buy nail art brushes (although I have found the perfect one, I was stupid enough not to buy it at that point of time), so I made my own nail brush. The brush you see here is from an old topcoat bottle, I trimmed it till it was really thin. And the wooden sticks, is obviously my dotting tool.

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