Trends: Paper Eyelashes by Paperself!


Oh, yes. You’ve read that right, we have moved from the typical eyelashes to intricate paper artwork for eyelashes. Frankly speaking, I don’t wear falsies erm, because I just don’t. Haha, actually I am afraid those false eyelashes would be too heavy for my eye lids. But I would definitely give these beauties a try, if given the opportunity. 


The top one is a regular eyelash, and the bottom one is a smaller, individual eyelash.

Little facts about them: These were inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting. You can use them over and over again if you take proper care of them. Available for sale on Paperself with prices ranging from £12.50 to £14.00. You can also get them from Luxola, a Singaporean shopping website.


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. Credits to; Dezeen, TiC.

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