Nail Art: French Manicure x Hello Kitty


Kawaii! - I saw this Hello Kitty manicure online and I knew it was too cute not to try to attempt it! Plus, it was pretty simple to do seeing I have finally bought my professional 15 nail art brushes. (But it was a pity that I have yet to be able to paint gorgeously using those brushes. :( I had earlier tried painting multiple designs with it and they all turned out hideous. I guess I need more practice and I’m thinking of getting acrylic paint, apparently it would be easier to paint using those.)

IMG_1363Wee, found an ancient Hello Kitty toy. I think I’ve had it for 10 years already. Heh.

For this nail art, it’s pretty easy. I used dotting tool for the eyes, nose and yes, even the red ribbon (cause my painting technique still have miles to improve on). I only used a long striper brush for the whiskers. Even then, the stripes weren’t evened out. Hmmph. Need more practice.


The polishes I used for this nail art are both from The Face Shop, Nude (BR801) and White (WH002). So, what do you think of the nail art this time? :) But if I had to be honest, nothing beats the Spongebob nail art! Haha. Till next time. :)