Nail Art: Golden Red Water Marbling


Hola! A very Happy New Year to the person reading this. ;) Thought I’ll kick start the new year with a post on my latest water marbling attempt. I decided to give it a go again, after the last successful water marbling attempt, with the latest polishes from Nature’s Republic. This was because they were new, and while they were still watery, it would be easier for the polishes to spread on the water.


If your polishes spread out like this, it means you have been successful in step one of water marbling.


Using a toothpick, you should lightly drag it across the surface of the polishes. This was the pattern I randomly created, I have to admit, it’s not the best looking one. Haha. Like I said, it was random. That is the beauty of water marbling. No two nails would look same.


Ta-da! Just dip over your nail over the design you created, and you’re done! As you can see, I have cello tape around my nail. It is neater (and easier) than having to remove the excess polishes that sticks to your finger. Without the tape, it can get pretty messy and not to mention, troublesome.


Can you spot the odd one out? My index finger is well, sort of ruined. It was the first nail, so I guess I haven’t gotten a hang of it. I have attached a few more pictures, so do enjoy. :)



By the way, the polishes used in this post are Nature’s Republic YL503 (Gold) and RD502 (Red).

If you have any questions or sorts, you can always leave a comment or email me. :) Once again, Happy New Year and I want to thank you all for supporting and reading my blog. Here is to another fantastic year ahead!

(PS - I might be putting up a post on my resolutions. Heh.)

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