Nail Art: Spongebob, your favourite cartoon!

My one and only favourite cartoon character would have to be Spongebob and I’m not ashamed to admit it. :P Heh. He is so lovably annoying, and yes, I look forward to the weekends’ mornings to watch Spongebob Squarepants in my jammies.

Spongebob-spongebob-squarepants-1595657-1024-768 ORI

I loved him so much, that I was tempted to somehow make the picture above as my header for the blog. But, I thought better of it, seeing how it didn’t blend with my blog’s theme and the yellow was a bit off. I did, however got my nail art done, inspired by the many expressions of Spongebob!

IMG_1288Can you find the four expressions from the picture above? :)

Of all the nail arts that I have done, I have to confess that this was my favourite one…. and also, a super duper easy one. Yea, seriously because I used stickers! You didn’t think I’ll be crazy enough to spend 5 hours and meticulously draw each one of the expression? Haha, I wish I was that talented. The stickers are a first of a kind that I stumbled upon online. They are known as water decal stickers, or in simple terms, stickers transferred through water. You just need to cut the stickers out, then soak it in cold water and then peel the stickers off and placed it over your nails. Of course, you have to paint a base colour first. In my case, I did it with yellow (duh!).


As easy as I made it sound like, it took me two wrongs to get it right. Haha, I placed the first sticker on the wrong side and the second went down the drain, because I got so impatient waiting for to peel it off. And the picture below, is one of the almost screwed up one. I didn’t place it correctly and it dried off before I could adjust the sticker.

IMG_1290edit copyI thought it resembled a bit of the troll face (albeit the less teeth, longer nose and bigger blue eyes), because I stuck it at the side. What do you think? Haha.

If you have any questions about this simple nail art, you can always drop me a comment. :)


  1. Hi My mame is Ingrid and I would like to know where did You find the stickers, I apriciate You time thank you (:

  2. Hi Ingrid,

    Here is the link for the stickers I used. :)

  3. I saw this design on instagram and had to track it down lol. I'll be doing this design next month but instead of using stickers, I'm going to paint them.

  4. Hi Ambreia,

    You saw the exact design like my nails on Instagram? :) Wow, can I have the link for it? Heh. Haha, I would love to see your nails, cause I know painting is so much harder and frankly I haven't quite acquired that skill.

  5. Those are awesome! I really want to try to do this myself! xx

    1. Thanks dear! Would love to see how it turns out. :)

  6. i just painted these. theyre adorable. thanks for the inapiration.