Swatch: [Nude] The Face Shop BR801


Let’s go nude! - I probably haven’t done any nude swatches but then again, I only have one nude polish that I am absolutely in love with and it’s non other than the one from The Face Shop. I scouted around for the perfect polish for some time, and they were usually disappointing; not in the right shade or just too sheer. I wouldn’t say that this polish from Face Shop is perfect, it does have its flaws. Like most nude polishes, it is a bit sheer and hence, streaky when applied a few coats.

IMG_1354From this picture, you can see the slight streaks in my nails. I had three coats here. The streaks were more obvious before the top coat.

IMG_1360But other than that, the colour is absolutely gorgeous. It’s nude with a slight tint of pink, which doesn’t wash out the nails or made it look dull.

IMG_1358I love how shooting with a green apple brings out the colour of my polishes. :) What do you think?

Do you have a favourite nude polish you’ll like to share with me? I would definitely love to try out other nude polishes. :D

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