Food: Cupcakes from Bisou!


IMG_2052cookies & cream. 

IMG_2057cookies & cream. 

IMG_2069raspberry cheesecake.

IMG_2066raspberry cheesecake.

IMG_2026red velvet.

IMG_2023red velvet.

IMG_2027red velvet.

Actually, I didn’t want to write for this post. But I thought that would be rather funny to have pictures of cupcakes without the description. So I’ll talk about it. These deliciously looking cupcakes are from Bisou Online; I got them ordered and delivered. (By the way, this post is not in any way an advertorial.) The moment I saw the cupcakes, I knew I should try to shoot them. After all, I have never been good in food photography and this is like practice for me. I’ll really appreciate if you have any feedback for me. :)

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