Nail Art: Converse Shoes Inspired

IMG_2208edit copy

Once, when I was browsing nail arts online, I came across a shoe laced nail art which resembles the Converse shoes. I kept that in mind, hoping I’ll have the mood to attempt that nail art. I finally came about to doing it when my friend, Crys showed me an simpler version of a Converse shoes inspired nail art!



Ta-da! Here is what I managed to come up with. :) It’s not the my best one and the lines were somewhat crooked. That is because it is my first time working on nail arts using nail brushes! So, please excuse my noob-ness and shaky hands. Heh.


It’s a bit more obvious from here, the crooked lines I mean. Haha, but the shoe laces turned out better than what I thought it would be. So, do you love this nail art? If you do and have tried it before, you can take a picture and show it to me. :)



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