Nail Art: Golden Butterfly [Stamping]


Do you still remember the Golden Black Half Moon nail art that I did recently? (Which explains why my nails have already grown. Heh.) I wanted to try stamping over the black nail, especially with golden polish because I wasn’t sure whether the gold colour would turn up nicely. I am surprised it looks not half bad.


I wanted to show as though the butterflies are in a motion, hence the dotted lines. Do it look like it? :) I used the Konad’s M36 stamping plate for this with the polish from Nature’s Republic YL503 (Gold). Also, to be frank I didn’t really liked the pictures for this nail art because I chose to shoot it outside under harsh sunlight. Hence, most were slightly exposed and the colours were adjusted. And, I realised that the sun caused my nails to be reflective which makes it harder to see the patterns on my nails. So, please bear with me this time, I’m damn sure I won’t make the same mistakes twice. Heh.




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