Nail Art: Hearts for Valentine’s Day


First of all, I would like to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! For those who are single, well, it’s still a Valentine’s day to celebrate it with your friends and family. :) Doesn’t necessary have to be with your significant other. Heh.


I did this manicure in a rush simply because I was suddenly inspired to do a Valentine themed nail. Hence, I had to get it done and up on the blog before February 14 ends! Haha. As you can see, the nail on my index finger is the most perfect one, the rest is just sort of “ugh-ley”. Somehow, after doing the first nail, I kinda screwed up my coordination. Haha.


One thing I realised while doing these nail arts, are that you really have to be consistent. It’ll definitely help if you have steady hands, if not, you’ll get jagged lines. To be honest, my hands still tremble and shake when I’m doing these nail arts, I obviously am too nervous about screwing the nail art. Haha.


Here is closer look at the best two nails. The heart shapes are actually pretty simple to do, I only used dotting tool. You just need to 'stroke’ a fat line using the tool, and the doing the same on the opposite side of the nail. The polish I used this time are Nature's Republic RD501 (red) and The Face Shop's BR801 (nude).



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