Nail Art: Minnie Mouse!


This Minnie Mouse nail art was actually the nail art I did for Chinese New Year last few weeks ago. I wanted to paint my nails red but then I couldn’t think of any design that would suit the Chinese celebration. So, I decided to do a Minnie Mouse, because it was easy and super quick to do. :)


For this nail art, you’ll just need dotting tool and reinforcement rings (I swear by this ;D). Of course, you need to have a red, black and white nail polish. I used Etude House; WH706 (black), Nature's Republic; RD502 (red) and The Face Shop; WH002 (white).


The signature black mouse shape on my ring fingernail was slightly deformed because I didn’t know what to use to dot it. I don’t actually have a dotting tool that huge, but I heard that you could use the back of any make up brushes.


So, what do you think of the Minnie Mouse inspired nail art? I think it’s pretty cute. :) You can check out my other cartoon nail arts like the Spongebob’s one or the Hello Kitty’s and even the Keroppi’s one!

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