Rant: Hopelessness.

IMG_1299Picture was taken during the late afternoon during one of my favourite walks to the park. See other pictures here.

The morning after. One thing I loathe about going to sleep, was waking up the next morning. Especially on days where my classes begin at 8am, I’m sure this resonates with my classmates and really, about thousands other students. To make matters worse, you’ve got an exam the next day. So, really what is the point of waking up? And today, I woke up feeling hopeless. It wasn’t just a feeling that would fade away. In fact, it pretty much stayed on and lingered till I finished my exam. Hell, it doubled tripled during my exam, so much that I have felt the urge to just walk out of the hall, leaving my paper incomplete. I stayed on, but that didn’t make much difference. All it did was help me feel less guilty, seeing that I ‘utilised’ the allocated time to complete the paper, right? So, yes. Sighs. I don’t want to go bed and wake up feeling hopeless.

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