Review: Sally Hansen’s Manicure Clean-Up Pen

No matter how many times I paint my nails, somehow I would still manage to get some polish on my fingers. I could use a cotton bud or a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to remove them, but somehow I am just too lazy. Haha, What I would do is leave them to dry, soak my fingers in the water and then, I’ll peel them off. Yeap, they actually come off quite easily, but I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone because it is not the right way to do it!


Seeing that dipping cotton buds/Q-tips in remover is too troublesome for a lazy bum like me, a manicure clean up pen by Sally Hansen provide a better alternative for me. Heh. It looks pretty much like a marker pen and works like an eraser for pencil, except this was to remove nail polishes.


This how it looks like and it came with two replacement tips, so that you can replace them when it wears out. I am sure you would like to know how the product is, so here is what I thought about this product;

Personally, I was quite excited with the prospect of an easier alternative to removing the excess polish. The pen, itself was easier to handle and the method of application was pretty much idiot prove. If you know how to write, I’m sure you know how to use this. All you need to do was glide it over the excess polish and it will basically, remove it.

However, when I did just that, it didn’t really remove the polish at all. I tried gliding it a bit more and leaving the tip a bit longer over my fingers. That seemed to work better, but it still did not remove my nail polish as completely and neatly as I would like it to be. So, you could say that I was disappointed with this clean-up pen.

I did, however, found out that if you dipped the tip of the pen in nail remover, it could remove the polishes faster. But then, it brings me back to dipping Q-tips in remover as well. So, I’m basically back to where I started. Meh.

So, to be frank, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Use Q-tips dipped in remover, or be more careful when you apply the polishes. (That applies to me).”


This is how the tip of the pen looks like after a few times of usage. It turned pink because I was trying to remove my red polishes. Now, you know why they came with two extra replacement tips. Apparently, you’re supposed to wipe the tip after using it, something like cleaning the tip up. But, I found that to be mostly redundant because the polishes basically stained the tip already. Uh-huh.

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