Snapshots: February 2012.

I know I haven’t been churning out posts as often as I should or rather, as often as I would like. The truth is, I’m too busy with exams seeing that my finals is less than 3 weeks away. Prior to that, I have all the tests and revision classes to attend. Exams suck out of the life from me, but then I’m pretty sure it happened to everyone else. So, you can imagine how stressful I am; heck, the sudden outbreak on my face is sheer proof of that. Haha. And since I haven’t been able to blog that often, I decided to commit to posting pictures of how my month was. In other words, random pictures from each month. Enjoy!

IMG_1956Banana leaf rice! Haven’t had these since forever. Cravings for it satisfied! Heh.

IMG_1996Happy family! Meet the classmates.

IMG_2082Trying to get the brother to smile. :D

IMG_2302The girls dressed up on February 14! <3

IMG_2373Only my second time eating mille crepe. This came all the way from Malacca from Jason!


Saw Avril Lavigne LIVE IN MALAYSIA! Dream came true, man. She was too awesome, sounded amazing live. But didn’t manage to see her up close, since VIP was freaking miles away and also, the sound system and camera on that day were terrible. 

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