Worlds apart, strangers again.


What is love? Is it love, when you stare into the eyes of the man you’ve been for the past year and realised how much he changed, or rather he have grown into a man you came to despise but despite all that, you still longed for him. Or is it love, when you are willing to accept the flaws he have came to be, to say, yes, I can live with that. Yes, I can put up with that. Or, is that, in actual fact, just the biggest mistake you’ll ever make unknowingly. By digging the sinkhole deeper, making it even harder just to get out. One day, you’ll ask yourself why didn’t you just stop when you had the chance. Is it because of love, that is why you held on? Or is it really your poor judgement?

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  1. ow munny what a beautiful piece. are you ok? wanna skype this coming weekend? let's arrange a date alright! i love you!!! :)