Biolyn Hair Spa, for only RM10.

Did you read my last post about my hair blues, where I was absolutely clueless about what to do with it? You haven’t? Well, read it here. After I posted that, you wouldn’t believe happened. Okay, I may be a little dramatic. I didn’t get a hair makeover or something. But I did get the opportunity to try this new hair spa by Biolyn.

Haven’t heard of Biolyn? Well, to be honest, me neither. But from their website, I found out that they were a company which specialized on the health conscious market group. Of which I certainly don’t fall under those group. Ah, that figures. Heh.

Anyway, they have recently introduced a few new hair care products using only natural ingredients and also hair treatments, using those products as well. Right now, I have some good news for you, my readers because Biolyn has decided to give me 40 invitations for my readers to experience the Biolyn Hair Spa for only RM 10 with free hair products as well.


product 1For RM10, you’ll be getting the four treatments as per the poster and a choice these products as well.

I’m not kidding you. The hair spa include scalp care, shampooing, hair cut and hair care treatment, for only RM10 since you read my blog. :) So, this is what I need you to do if you’re interested to get this treatments;

  1. Send in your details to by 21st March 2012, Wednesday ; Name, Age, IC, Address, Phone Number
  2. Invitation (with the address of the salon) will be send to you!
  3. Head over to the salon with my invitation to get your hair done for RM10!

I cannot wait to try out these hair treatments! (RM 10 is so cheap! It only cost like a fraction compared to where I usually go to. Plus, there are free products too. Hehe.) Anyway, I will be going there soon and blogging about it after. :)

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