Fashion: 20120320’s look.


Meet my latest satin asymmetrical dress, that I am absolutely in love with now. It’s a mullet dipped hemline at the back and a tulip hemline for the front. It sounds gorgeous, I know but it is a bit hard to imagine. One day, I’ll try to get a full shot of the dress. (I actually wanted to try to get shots of the dress today, but my favourite ‘photographer’ said he couldn’t capture the flow of the dress that I wanted because he only brought his portrait lens. Heh. And he is a close friend of mine actually, not actually my photographer.)


When I first received this dress, I had a love-hate thing for it. Love because it had an asymmetrical design. Hate because it was loose on me and the dress didn’t flow in the way I wanted it to be. It’s loose because the top part of the dress is similar to a tank top but it isn’t fitted. I’m petite enough, hence I need a belt to pull off the dress. Also, when you walk, the dress do flow but it also balloons up. That looked kind of ridiculous. I wish I could snap of picture of that. Haha.

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