Nail Art: Triangular Matte Shiny Nails


Can you tell that my nails are fake? Heh. I’m actually not a fan of fake nails because thankfully, I am blessed with strong nails. Hence, if I wanted to, I could grow my nails to that length. So anyway, this nail art was actually done for the shoot that I had with Joe and Pearl. Read about it here! For this nail art, I was inspired by the lines and the cutting of the dress that I wore for the shoot. You’ll know why when the pictures for the shoot are out.


What I actually did for this nail art was a matte white polish and paint a shiny black polish over it. I’m pretty in love with matte polishes, btw. I won’t be blogging much about this nail art because it is a fairly simple one; I just used stickers to help me to create the triangular lines. But I must say that I didn’t apply the black polishes really well because I actually ran out of it. So, in the next few pictures, the flaws and the streaks are pretty obvious.




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