Snapshots: March 2012

IMG_2680editPortraiture; my brother. Mostly, annoying. But I still love him very much. 

IMG_2682Raw fish. Chinese style.

IMG_2683Kuala Lumpur’s best porridge. Found in Pudu.

IMG_2742I grew up eating this butter cookies every Chinese New Year. Reminds me a lot of my childhood, when I used to go “Not again.” But now, I’m craving for it.

IMG_2754editCold soba from Gonbei-San during lunch with daddy.

nerdGot myself new glasses to further emphasize that I am a 24/7 kiasu nerd. Heh. :P

IMG_2513Spotted a cute alien on the traffic light, if you stopped at RED you would have seen it.

IMG_2844editMy crucial, essential exam pack for my March sitting.

IMG_2965Supersized Garfield! Too cute to resist taking a picture with it! :D

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