I’ve somewhat imagined my post-exam holiday to be one that would involve me bumming around the house and em, doing just that. But since the holidays started, I haven’t been able to do just that. Not that I’m complaining anyway, because I have an awesome team to work with. I don’t know what I’ll do without them sometimes, when organizing an event especially.

Despite the busy ‘working’ schedule, I’ve managed to squeeze in a shoot with Alex Leong. Actually I shot with him before, I had famously called that previous shoot a headless one because you couldn’t see my face in the pictures. But then again, each photographer have different styles. This time around, I’d rather him not shoot my face because I had a mere four hours of sleep the day before. My eye-bags were freaking obvious. I haven’t seen the shots, but he did show me one shot that looked pretty good. Looking forward to that. Will post it up once I get my hands on them.

So, June will be ending soon and I’m hoping to make the most out of July since it’ll be the last month before I head off to work. Time to catch up with my friends, shoot pictures and just living now.

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