Swatch: Sally Hansen’s Flirt

Sally hansen flirt swatch

I’ve always been a fan of Sally Hansen Xtreme series, I have the gorgeous deep blue colour; Blue It and Green with Envy, a funky happy green one. And now I have another amazing colour to add to my collection, Flirt! Thank you Yuberactive for sending me the polish.

flirt sally hansen swatch

When I first saw the colour, I couldn’t tell from the bottle what colour it was. It didn’t help that when I first applied the polish, it was in a rather low yellow-ish light. So, I thought the colour was somewhat more to the black goth polish type. Which is actually what the colour looks like for most of the time.


However, under the sunlight, it is a different colour all together. You’ll see a shimmering dark purple/magenta colour which is actually really pretty. But this is only limited to when there is sunlight. In the absence of that, the colour would appear as a rather boring, flat dark coloured polish which I think is a waste.

sally hansen flirt swatch hard as nails

Application wise; it was easy to apply like the others in the same series. However, there was a minor defect in my brush which probably is a unique case. Other than that, it was a nice nail polish, three coats for even coverage. Pretty easy removal as well, although it may leave a slight tint on your nails.

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