Make Up: Ombre Lips #1 [Extreme Pink]

I just love love the ombré colours that is everywhere these days. I first came across the word ombré when I was browsing for nail art inspirations, which resulted in a failed attempt. Click here to see what turned out from that failed ombré attempt. Anyway, just the other day when I was lying in bed, I wondered it the trend had caught on to make up; lips in particular. I went to Google some pictures up and ta-da…! (It was all over Tumblr too; link.)

ombre lips

I watched a few Youtube videos as well, and realised it was quite easy to do. And so, I gave it a try. Haha, my version look like this;


So, what do you think of my version? It didn’t turn out as ombré as I expected it to be, looks more two toned than a gradient hue than I was hoping to achieve. Well, I’m definitely going to try out with other lipsticks and see how those turns out to be. For this, I used Clinique’s Extreme Pink (17) and a concealer was dabbed on lower lip to give the gradient effect. I really love this, but the problem was I kept smacking my lips together and that would ruin the design. The next time I do this, I must resist smacking my lips!

Till next time, lovelies. xoxo.


  1. That's really pretty. It's the same kind of gradient that I love doing on my lips using anyone else's makeup but mine xD (since I mostly use nude lipsticks). But that does look awfully pretty :D Good job!

  2. Haha, thanks! :D It was really random to try it. And, you use nude lipsticks? Which brand is the best?! Been looking around for a nice one.