Make Up: Summer Lips [Coral Pink]

After my first attempt on ombré lips (click here to read about it), I wanted to try out some more ombré inspired lips. I went to my mom’s room, ransacked her make-up collection and found a few lipstick which were too pink for her. Since she isn’t using them, I might as well ‘play’ with it. Haha. Anyway, I’m not much of a lipstick person, I like lip gloss more for obvious reason. But I do have one bright red lipstick from Inglot that I totally love, although it is always too dramatic to wear it out.


Anyway, this time around I wanted to create another ombré lips with two different lipstick. The pink lipstick that I found from mom’s collection was a very pink pink one, and I have a coral orange lipstick that I have but would not ever dare to wear it out. But I thought the combination of the two would complement each other pretty well, two bright cheery colour. So, here is how it looks like;


It didn’t turn out as ombré or gradient as I thought it would be, the colours actually complemented each other so well that it blended it together. Hence, the colours look rather similar and you cannot really tell it is two toned unless in picture. I really like how peachy the orange lipstick turned out to be and I think I ought to give it a try on its own. I love this lips make up and immediately, I thought of summer. It’s so bright and funky, no word can describe this lips make up better. So, what is your summer lips?

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