Nail Art: Neon Green Tips

Just the other day, I watched this video that blogger, Xia Xue did for and her nails in the video caught my eye. It was nothing fancy, very simple nail design. Her nails were painted at the tip in mint green colour. Very pretty, chic and simple. As you can see, I haven’t been painting my nails since I’ve been rather caught up with a lot of things. But this was so easy to do, so I decided to do it but in a different green colour. You’ll see it in the pictures below. 

ombre lips

And here is what my version looks like;


Since I did my nails in a jiffy, I didn’t give my nails ample to dry and hence, it smudged a little as you can see. This was despite the fact that I used Seche Vite super fast dry top coat, because the polish I used was a rather old one. Hence. it was thick and very streaky. Also, the colour is a bit more neon than shown in the picture but I think the sun sort of lighten it up.



This is the first nail art I’ve done since like forever, I hope with this I can get my mood back to doing nail arts. :) Before work starts and I’ll be back to only French, nude or bare.

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