Out & About: Food Foundry, Section 17


I have heard of Food Foundry from my friends who was tweeting about it; one mentioned that she was craving for their mille crepe cake and another said it was a rather pretty place and the toilet were nice. Haha, I know it was something odd to say about a restaurant but it was those tweets that made me paid Food Foundry a visit. I was actually looking for a place to kill some time before I headed out to another event with a friend and hence, I decided to drop by since it was around PJ.

IMG_1643Vanilla Mille Crepe Cake | RM 9

Since Food Foundry was famed for their mille crepe I decided I should give that a try. I didn’t order anything else since I’ll be having dinner pretty soon. My friend, and I ordered some iced tea to go along with the cake; lemon and peach respectively. So, how did I find the cake? I’ll be completely honest and say that it was a bit disappointing. From what I’ve heard, the crepe cake was really delicious and needless to say I had higher expectations from it. It even looked pretty good, but after tasting it, I just went, “Is that all?”. Took another bite and hands down, Nadeje mille crepe was way better than this. Haha.


This was where we sat, I found the place rather cosy but it isn’t comfortable. The cushion is too thin and feels a bit too weird to sit on. Also, it was rather warm there. There isn’t any air conditioning at where I sat. But it was actually rather windy outside, around 4pm ish. No idea why it was warm inside, probably because there was partitions blocking the wind?

IMG_1700Outfit of the Day :) Will try to do more outfit shots from now on.

This is the partition I meant, and coincidentally the asymmetrical tube dress I wore was almost the similar shade as the partition. Haha, my friend noticed that and told me when this picture was taken. And, below you’ll find more pictures of the place. The restaurant consist of two shop-lots, the picture with the squirrel is the second one and the picture after that is the main one, as you can see, the cakes are on display there.

IMG_1685Meet the awkwardly placed sofa in the second shop-lot.

IMG_1679This is the interior of the first shop-lot. Looks cosy and nice, right?

IMG_1689And me with a camho shot, this is at the mirror outside the toilets.

Oh, btw, I didn’t find the toilets that nice. Haha, but I have to admit it is old school. And no, I didn’t take any picture of the toilet. Heh, felt it’ll be a bit too extreme to do that.

IMG_1675Of the whole restaurant, I love this decoration the most. It’s so pretty, clean and simple. :)

Of course, I couldn’t resist a full body shot here. Haha. I pity my friend though, I was so hard to shoot. This wasn’t posed though, I was probably laughing at my friend’s exasperation in getting that one shot that I’ll be satisfied. And that spontaneous moment was captured lovely in this. Thank you, for you that. :)


What I wore:

Light Green Asymmetrical Hem Tube Dress | Bought online

Chiffon + Pearl Necklace | Kitschen

Laced up Booties | Vincci

Zara Inspired Plaited Shopper | Bought online


Wings Rings | http://deliriousaccessories.blogspot.com

* * * * * * * * *

So anyway, here is the address for the restaurant if you’re planning to visit;

BG-8, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

03-7955 3885

* * * * * * * * *

Note: This post is not a food review, simply because I don’t like to think of it as one. But I’d rather like to label it as Out & About, where I’ll talk more about the place itself than the food. :)


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    1. :D I fell in love with them first time I saw it. Haha.

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