If you don’t know what Stop114A, it is actually a campaign to educate all Malaysians who will be affected by the amendment of Section 114A. The new amendment of Section 114A holds someone accountable for any seditious content posted online. Guilty until proven innocence, where as what we are used to hear is innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof now lies upon us, the Internet users to prove that we are not guilty. And should we fail to proof that, we are considered as guilty.

Below is a picture which shows how this new amendment will affect each and everyone of us in Malaysia. Source from http://stop114a.wordpress.com.


And here is a comic, a scenario that could be happening to anyone of us.


So, please share with your friends, family and everyone else about this new amendment to Section 114A. There need to be an awareness before anyone innocent becomes a victim. For more information, please visit http://stop114a.wordpress.com/.

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