Review: K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer


I have a confession; I could have probably been only like 12 years old when someone asked if I had been sleeping very late because he could see the dark circles under my eye. At 12 years old, my typical going to bed time was probably around 10 PM, like most normal kids at that age. Fast forward, my dark circles is now so much more obvious than then, and I have been on a hunt for a perfect concealer since.

Finding a concealer to cover up blemishes, was way easier than the ones for my dark circles. The usual problem is that the concealer doesn’t match my skin colour, so it ends up looking like a patch under my eye. But after using Zero Kuma Concealer, I may have found the perfect concealer for now. :D

I have actually never heard of the K-Palette’s Zero Kuma Concealer, which by the way is a concealer specifically (not exclusively, though) to cover up the dark circles under the eye, until I read some bloggers’ review on this. Most of them gave this a good review and I was lucky enough to be sent one tube by the awesome Sarah Low. (Previously I was stealing my sister’s one. Heh.) Let me start on the review then, before I bore you further. Haha.

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There are three type for the Zero Kuma Concealer range with #1 being Natural Beige, #2 Yellow Beige and #3 Orange Beige. The one I am using is the Type #1, Natural Beige. According to K-Palette, each of the three types are actually formulated to care for the under eyes area and to cover imperfections as well. Mine was Type #1 which was to provide coverage for dark circles and to moisturize that area too. They also said that this type was suitable for those who have tired skin due to stressful lives.This, Natural Beige shade is the most recommended one because most of us would find this shade suitable for our skin. Basically, it is the most common one.

Moving on to the packaging of the Zero Kuma Concealer;


As you can see, the applicator is slightly slanted. I actually don’t see the point of this, because usually for under eye, the concealer is blended using the finger tips. It’s not like we’ll use the slanted applicator, but maybe there was a reason to that, which I don’t know. The first time I used this, I squeezed a little too much, and it’ll end up collected on the edges or the rim of the applicator, as shown. This happened when I placed the product on the back of my hand.

And now, moving on to the product itself;


This is a picture of myself without any make up on at all, my sans make up / naked face. I only have on the sticker eyeliner. And the next picture will show you how I look with the Zero Kuma Concealer on.


In this picture, I have applied the Zero Kuma Concealer along with the BB cream, blusher and used the eyebrow pencil too. You can really notice the huge difference in the before and after picture. Before the concealer, I look tired and dull despite smiling. Haha. But after the concealer (and everything else), you’ll find that I look more radiant. These two pictures may not be the best comparison because, of the different lighting and also, I put on other make up in the after picture.

Luckily, I did shoot just my eye; the before and after.


Here you’ll see that the Zero Kuma Concealer provide very even coverage and managed to cover my dark circles. The shade is also almost to my skin colour, in fact I can just wear this concealer out without any BB cream or foundation on, if I wanted to. I find that the product was thick and pigmented but it was easy to blend. However, you’ll have to watch the amount you put on, because too much of it would make it cakey.



I absolutely love love this concealer, and I’m glad to say that my hunt for the prefect under eye concealer ends here. :) There is nothing major that I do not like about this except maybe the applicator. And also, it does make the fine lines a bit more obvious, but still at an acceptable level. This retails at RM44.90, you can get it at SASA, Guardian and Watsons.

Out & About: blackplatinum by thirtyfour


Hello! Last weekend was a looong one, and how I wished this weekend it’ll be another three days one? Ah, wishful thinking. Anyway, last week I attended the blackplatinum by thirthyfour event on our Malaysia Day and many thanks to Tongue in Chic for the invite. :)

This event was to celebrate thirtyfour’s 5th anniversary, so Happy Birthday, thirthyfour! Besides that, they were launching their VIP membership card and there was an exclusive sneak preview of their Fall 2012 collection too. Bags galore! I snapped some pictures of the bags; those that caught my eyes so you can see them here before it goes on sale.

* * * * * * * * * *

blackplatinum exclusive, a collection preview.

IMG_3619 copyedie.tote.15 | studded natural canvas

IMG_3623edie.tote.13 | colour block suede

IMG_3625edie.tote.14 | waves cognac calfskin

IMG_3627edie.tote.12 | black calfskin / bone pony

IMG_3629edie.tote.15 | indigo cork

IMG_3597didn’t get the name for this | sorry!

* * * * * * * * * *

And that’s it; that is all the pictures I took of the gorgeous bags. There were a lot more bags and oh, clutches too. Of all the pictures above there, can you guess which was my favourite one? :)


This one; the indigo cork! It’s so unique because thirtyfour’s bags are mostly made from leather but not this lovely piece.This limited edition one is made from compressed cork and blue dye. Talk about unique-ness! If I had this bag, it would be so eye-catching and stand-out much. Heh. Maybe I’ll have to save up for this one. Or with my first paycheck, maybe?

IMG_3608McQueen’s Inspired Clutch | Bought online

Since we’re about bags in this post, it wouldn’t be complete without showing which bag I wore to the party. :) This is my favourite black clutch; knuckle duster edition as inspired by the awesome Alexander McQueen’s version.

IMG_3601Other than the bags on showcased, artist Nini Marini was there to paint on one of thirtyfour’s bag. Had a chat with her and she was just lovely.

IMG_3617This was the finished artwork which is just so pretty; it has a different design on the other side. I took a picture of this side only. Haha.

* * * * * * * * * *


I’m actually thinking of putting my like #FOTD – Face of The Day post; where I give a run down of what I used on my face.. the products, maybe some tiny reviews or comments on the products as well. What do you think? Would you all like that? I mean I’m pretty excited for this #FOTD, considering it’ll give me an opportunity to post my ‘cam-ho’, pictures on my blog. ;P


Sticker Eye Liner | Available soon on etc. (look out for that!)

Zero Kuma Concealer | K-Palette

1000 Kisses Lip Tint | Rimmel

Baked Blusher (Marble) | Elianto

And the basic items I used are;

Silky BB Cream | Sun Play Skin Aqua

Drawing Eye Brow Pencil | Etude House

Lash & Brow Gel Mascara | Essence


Oh-my-chubby-imbalanced-face, I have one eye bigger than the other and one side of my cheeks chubbier than another. Meh.

Swatch: Essence’s Choose Me


I love Essence nail polishes, I just wish it’ll be so much easier to get them here. About a few weeks ago, I found out that the COCI COCI shop in Mid Valley which carries the Essence range have just been closed down. So, the only way to get these polishes are from selected Watson’s outlet. But then, Watson is always running out of stock for Essence polishes. Sighs, I wish I have gotten more of the polishes and kept them.


So, today’s swatch will be from Essence, called Choose Me!, which was aptly named because I was looking at all the nail polishes and I ended up picking this because the colour caught my attention. :)


Review: As you can see the polish appears to be more of a glitter polish, and it is one, but it has very fine micro glitters instead of the huge ones. The formula is amazing and consistent with the other Essence nail polish I swatched earlier on (read it here), which is smooth and easy to apply. It also helps that the brush is flat and large making it even easier to apply the polish. And what is even more surprising was that it pretty easy to remove considering it's a glitter polish. I usually stay away from them but this one was too gorgeous not to try on when I saw it on the shelves.

IMG_1878A close up on the polish, you can see the micro glitters here.

IMG_1875Under the direct sunlight.

IMG_1837Taken indoor, under indirect sunlight.


For more pictures, please check my Facebook album; Nail Art, Swatches + Mani.

High School Reunions, :)

Thank you for reading this post on Malaysia Day! ;)
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Gee, how time flies. Right now, I can still remember clearly the day I finished my exams in June which marks the start of my holidays. *poof* Suddenly, my holiday is about to end, and I’ll be off to work already. Too fast, time is just going by too fast.
But nevertheless, I’ve really been able to enjoy myself this hols, unlike others where I would end up just bumming around. I even managed to meet up with my high school mates, some of which I haven’t seen for three years already. *gasp* It’s been so long, and it just dawned upon me how well I’ve kept in touch with some of them. I should be ashamed, and honestly I am. So now, I shall make in a point to attend the meet-ups. Hee.
* * * * * * * * * *
The first reunion was with the high school mates; we had lunch at Ben’s and there was 12 of us all together. It was really great to catch up and see them once again after so long. Some are back here since it’s summer and some are about to leave. Found out that most of the boys were doing engineering courses, I’ll know so many engineers in future!
IMG_2166I had Chunky Chicken Mushroom Pie. So-so, nothing to shout about. Too much pastry, too dry.
IMG_2162J had the Soft Shell Crab Spaghetti. Now this was really good, I had one bite of it and I immediately regret ordering my pie.
IMG_2184I think this was Ben’s Chocolate Cake, which was pretty good and oh-so-sinful. It was funny for us, when the cake came with the ice-cream in a separate bowl. We couldn’t decide whether to dunk the ice-cream over the cake or to take the cake first and then only the ice-cream.
Group pic
I posted on my what I wore that day, click here to read.
* * * * * * * * * *
Then, the second reunion was with my class mates; Omega-ians as we were fondly known ourselves as. Actually I couldn’t make it to this reunion cum farewell for JY, since I was with the sister for her audition. But as it turns out, the sister’s audition ended early so I quickly rushed over to Pavilion. I was there in time for the group shot at the fountain outside Pavilion. Which explains my ‘aunty’ pose in the picture. Hah. We went to Coffee Bean then, talked about the times in school and what everyone was doing. Before we left, we headed to Snowflake for desserts. It was short but nice meet-up with them. <3
pageSome of the pics were grabbed from Pei Sun’s Facebook, :) since my camera was running low on the battery and so, I didn’t take much picture.


I think it’s ridiculous how someone can make me smile and laugh over the simplest thing ever. <3

Fashion: Faux Croc Skin Clutch


Faux Croc Skin Clutch | Kitschen

Purple Rose Ring | Kiosk in Sunway Pyramid

Neon Pink Polish | Elianto

* * * * * * * * * *

This is my very first clutch that I have ever bought, I can still remember how I came across it. I was shopping in Kitschen; if you’re familiar with Kitschen, you’ll know that they basically sell clothes with a little bit of accessories, sometimes bags too. But most of the time, apart from their clothes, nothing else there interests me.

So there, I was browsing and I just happened to glance up on of their shelves. And sitting pretty, way way way up (so high, it was beyond my reach) was this clutch. I have never seen such a different faux skin clutch and I knew I had to have it. :D It is really a very versatile piece, one that I could easily pair up with my outfits. Only thing, is that sometimes it’s too small for me and also, the sides are already peeling off. Meh.

Swatch: Elianto’s S12 (Neon Pink)


Like I mentioned in the previous Swatch post; the black polish from The Face Shop, I rarely shop for new polishes at shops like Elianto, The Face Shop or even Etude House which used to be my favourite places to get new stash. For Elianto, the main reason why I didn’t like their polishes previously was because I really didn’t like formulation. Of course I am not comparing them with OPI, seeing that it is a different league all together. But even for the RM5 price tag, I would expect at least a decent polish, non-streaky and thinner formulation. I used to get tonnes of air bubbles whenever I apply the Elianto polishes.


I knew, Elianto released new polishes, about sometime ago and they also increased their price by 50 cents, if I’m not mistaken. I still didn’t have the confidence to buy their range, but luckily my sister’s friend have gifted her with this Neon Pink polish from Elianto recently. I couldn’t resist swatching it, since it was sitting nicely and tempting me to. Previously, Elianto named their polishes but they now go by codes only, and the packaging is still similar with the previous one.


Review: Compared to the previous formulation, it seemed to have improved a lot. It's now so much easier to apply and the product is less thicker, enabling thinner coats to be applied. But fear not, it's not too sheer and I have three coats on. As you can see, it still gives a pretty even coverage. The brush is also big in size so it's very easy to apply and maneuverer it around. It also doesn’t have an overwhelming smell, which was still acceptable to me. Overall, I love this polish and the colour is amazing too.



Photo: Here comes September.

Before I know it, August flies by and September is here again. The last week of August have been pretty sucky for me; there are issues that came up and I needed to go through them. But it’s September now, a new month and it’ll be the start of new beginnings for my personal and my work life. Frankly, for work I know what to expect so I won’t say I’m thoroughly excited, but more like I'm feeling bittersweet about it.

Starting work means I’m another step closer to graduating and if there is any goal I have at the moment, it would be to graduate as soon as possible. With work, I don’t know if I can post as often as I wished but I will commit my time to still blog. :) Probably more pictures, less words? Anyway, here are some random self-portraits I did which were over-exposed on purpose (in case you’re wondering).


Walk in the Park: Sunset Sun

It has actually been a while since I last went to the park to shoot. I did try to shoot a few times, but I ended up with pictures that I feel were just not good enough to be published. Perhaps, the place is just lacking the inspiration, with me shooting there for some time already. It just becomes flat and dry. Well, I’ll keep shooting, but perhaps this would be the last of this Walk in the Park series.


(For previous pictures from the Walk in the Park series, click here.)

Photo: These things I do.


| words unspoken |

There are so many things I want to let you know, but I just can't bring myself to say it. If I do, things will never be the same again.

Fashion: Mad love for my platform boots.

IMG_3253colourPlatform Boots | Bought online

When I first saw Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots from, I really really wanted a pair. It was almost like the perfect shoes any girl could ever dream of. Because it’s platform, it gives me the extra height (it’s about 4.5inch) I need but it doesn’t hurt my feet, super comfy that I could wear it all day long. Now, I wouldn’t say the same for my 4-inch booties. And boots are so versatile, you can wear it with almost everything. :D

I didn’t actually want to do a post just on the boots but I still haven’t been able to figure out a way to shoot a complete outfit shots by myself yet. I’m still figuring that out, and it appears that featured shots were better than my head-to-toe one.


Bow Tie | Daiso

Detachable Collar | DIY

Basic Top | Jusco

Multi-Layered Petticoat Skirt | Bought Online

* * * * * * * * * *

Sorry for the awkward smile, haha. I wouldn’t count this as a complete, proper outfit post because I had actually shot this picture as a behind the scenes photo for a contest. I ended up not using it, so I thought of posting it here. :) Before I end this post, I would like to say that I’m also in love with my petticoat skirt, it’s super gorgeous with 6 layers of chiffon! Fluffy much. :D Shall do outfit post on that soon.

Review: Lip Sticker in 046 | Temporary Lip Tattoo

The-Pink-CheetahPicture: source.

Ever heard of temporary lip tattoo applique, or maybe of the brand, Violent Lips which had made them so popular? :) Well, these lip tattoos has been around since last year, and I’ve been eyeing to get them. It looks super wicked to me, (although I know some thought this trend was just ugly). So recently, I had a friend who managed to help me get them, but it wasn’t from the Violent Lips brand. But rather, it was from Lip Sticker.


I was rather sceptical as whether it would really work or stick to my lips, as the ones by Violent Lips will. The method to applying the sticker was similar to the ones in Violent Lips where you stick it on the lips and use water to moisten the sticker. So, are you curious to see how it looks on my lips? Here it is!

IMG_2588 copy

I found that the stickers were super easy to stick on but you’ll have to be very careful when you stick it. It may turn out crooked, if you don’t gently stick them on. I have read that the original ones get a bit dry but this one that I tried on was pretty okay. I didn’t feel like I was wearing a sticker or did I feel like my lips were dry. I didn’t need to apply lip balm as well. It also lasted for quite a while, I wore them up to 6 hours and they looked fine. If I didn’t eat, it would still stay pretty. But of course, I had to have dinner and if you’re careful as you eat, it’ll still look okay.


Here is a picture of myself wearing the lip sticker. I showed this to one of my friend and he said it so ugly, he wouldn’t walk beside me if I wore that. But another friend said it was unique and something different. What do you think about this lip sticker? I would admit this is a a very bold statement piece to wear out. To be honest, this is not very suitable for an everyday look, but if you’re looking to stand out at a event or a party, this would definitely work.

Do check my blog out in the next few days, I’ll be blogging more about the other designs I managed to get. Next one is rraaaaaaiinnnboooooowww lips!

PS: If you’re interested to get one, drop me a message. I might be able to get some for you. Haha.