Fashion: Faux Croc Skin Clutch


Faux Croc Skin Clutch | Kitschen

Purple Rose Ring | Kiosk in Sunway Pyramid

Neon Pink Polish | Elianto

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This is my very first clutch that I have ever bought, I can still remember how I came across it. I was shopping in Kitschen; if you’re familiar with Kitschen, you’ll know that they basically sell clothes with a little bit of accessories, sometimes bags too. But most of the time, apart from their clothes, nothing else there interests me.

So there, I was browsing and I just happened to glance up on of their shelves. And sitting pretty, way way way up (so high, it was beyond my reach) was this clutch. I have never seen such a different faux skin clutch and I knew I had to have it. :D It is really a very versatile piece, one that I could easily pair up with my outfits. Only thing, is that sometimes it’s too small for me and also, the sides are already peeling off. Meh.


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