Out & About: blackplatinum by thirtyfour


Hello! Last weekend was a looong one, and how I wished this weekend it’ll be another three days one? Ah, wishful thinking. Anyway, last week I attended the blackplatinum by thirthyfour event on our Malaysia Day and many thanks to Tongue in Chic for the invite. :)

This event was to celebrate thirtyfour’s 5th anniversary, so Happy Birthday, thirthyfour! Besides that, they were launching their VIP membership card and there was an exclusive sneak preview of their Fall 2012 collection too. Bags galore! I snapped some pictures of the bags; those that caught my eyes so you can see them here before it goes on sale.

* * * * * * * * * *

blackplatinum exclusive, a collection preview.

IMG_3619 copyedie.tote.15 | studded natural canvas

IMG_3623edie.tote.13 | colour block suede

IMG_3625edie.tote.14 | waves cognac calfskin

IMG_3627edie.tote.12 | black calfskin / bone pony

IMG_3629edie.tote.15 | indigo cork

IMG_3597didn’t get the name for this | sorry!

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And that’s it; that is all the pictures I took of the gorgeous bags. There were a lot more bags and oh, clutches too. Of all the pictures above there, can you guess which was my favourite one? :)


This one; the indigo cork! It’s so unique because thirtyfour’s bags are mostly made from leather but not this lovely piece.This limited edition one is made from compressed cork and blue dye. Talk about unique-ness! If I had this bag, it would be so eye-catching and stand-out much. Heh. Maybe I’ll have to save up for this one. Or with my first paycheck, maybe?

IMG_3608McQueen’s Inspired Clutch | Bought online

Since we’re about bags in this post, it wouldn’t be complete without showing which bag I wore to the party. :) This is my favourite black clutch; knuckle duster edition as inspired by the awesome Alexander McQueen’s version.

IMG_3601Other than the bags on showcased, artist Nini Marini was there to paint on one of thirtyfour’s bag. Had a chat with her and she was just lovely.

IMG_3617This was the finished artwork which is just so pretty; it has a different design on the other side. I took a picture of this side only. Haha.

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I’m actually thinking of putting my like #FOTD – Face of The Day post; where I give a run down of what I used on my face.. the products, maybe some tiny reviews or comments on the products as well. What do you think? Would you all like that? I mean I’m pretty excited for this #FOTD, considering it’ll give me an opportunity to post my ‘cam-ho’, pictures on my blog. ;P


Sticker Eye Liner | Available soon on etc. (look out for that!)

Zero Kuma Concealer | K-Palette

1000 Kisses Lip Tint | Rimmel

Baked Blusher (Marble) | Elianto

And the basic items I used are;

Silky BB Cream | Sun Play Skin Aqua

Drawing Eye Brow Pencil | Etude House

Lash & Brow Gel Mascara | Essence


Oh-my-chubby-imbalanced-face, I have one eye bigger than the other and one side of my cheeks chubbier than another. Meh.


  1. Oh, you received the concealer already? :D

    1. Haha, no. It's actually my sister's one. :D You haven't received yet right?