Photo: Here comes September.

Before I know it, August flies by and September is here again. The last week of August have been pretty sucky for me; there are issues that came up and I needed to go through them. But it’s September now, a new month and it’ll be the start of new beginnings for my personal and my work life. Frankly, for work I know what to expect so I won’t say I’m thoroughly excited, but more like I'm feeling bittersweet about it.

Starting work means I’m another step closer to graduating and if there is any goal I have at the moment, it would be to graduate as soon as possible. With work, I don’t know if I can post as often as I wished but I will commit my time to still blog. :) Probably more pictures, less words? Anyway, here are some random self-portraits I did which were over-exposed on purpose (in case you’re wondering).


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