Review: Lip Sticker in 046 | Temporary Lip Tattoo

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Ever heard of temporary lip tattoo applique, or maybe of the brand, Violent Lips which had made them so popular? :) Well, these lip tattoos has been around since last year, and I’ve been eyeing to get them. It looks super wicked to me, (although I know some thought this trend was just ugly). So recently, I had a friend who managed to help me get them, but it wasn’t from the Violent Lips brand. But rather, it was from Lip Sticker.


I was rather sceptical as whether it would really work or stick to my lips, as the ones by Violent Lips will. The method to applying the sticker was similar to the ones in Violent Lips where you stick it on the lips and use water to moisten the sticker. So, are you curious to see how it looks on my lips? Here it is!

IMG_2588 copy

I found that the stickers were super easy to stick on but you’ll have to be very careful when you stick it. It may turn out crooked, if you don’t gently stick them on. I have read that the original ones get a bit dry but this one that I tried on was pretty okay. I didn’t feel like I was wearing a sticker or did I feel like my lips were dry. I didn’t need to apply lip balm as well. It also lasted for quite a while, I wore them up to 6 hours and they looked fine. If I didn’t eat, it would still stay pretty. But of course, I had to have dinner and if you’re careful as you eat, it’ll still look okay.


Here is a picture of myself wearing the lip sticker. I showed this to one of my friend and he said it so ugly, he wouldn’t walk beside me if I wore that. But another friend said it was unique and something different. What do you think about this lip sticker? I would admit this is a a very bold statement piece to wear out. To be honest, this is not very suitable for an everyday look, but if you’re looking to stand out at a event or a party, this would definitely work.

Do check my blog out in the next few days, I’ll be blogging more about the other designs I managed to get. Next one is rraaaaaaiinnnboooooowww lips!

PS: If you’re interested to get one, drop me a message. I might be able to get some for you. Haha.


  1. hai~

    Really unique and different..
    never see about lip sticker before.. haha
    thanks for your entry.. :p

    p/s: i linked your website in my blog.. check it out..:D

    1. Yeap, I was so intrigued by them when I first saw it and I knew I have to try it. :)

      Thanks for linking my post.

    2. i agree with you... :D awesome lens... thanks for share..