Swatch: Essence’s Choose Me


I love Essence nail polishes, I just wish it’ll be so much easier to get them here. About a few weeks ago, I found out that the COCI COCI shop in Mid Valley which carries the Essence range have just been closed down. So, the only way to get these polishes are from selected Watson’s outlet. But then, Watson is always running out of stock for Essence polishes. Sighs, I wish I have gotten more of the polishes and kept them.


So, today’s swatch will be from Essence, called Choose Me!, which was aptly named because I was looking at all the nail polishes and I ended up picking this because the colour caught my attention. :)


Review: As you can see the polish appears to be more of a glitter polish, and it is one, but it has very fine micro glitters instead of the huge ones. The formula is amazing and consistent with the other Essence nail polish I swatched earlier on (read it here), which is smooth and easy to apply. It also helps that the brush is flat and large making it even easier to apply the polish. And what is even more surprising was that it pretty easy to remove considering it's a glitter polish. I usually stay away from them but this one was too gorgeous not to try on when I saw it on the shelves.

IMG_1878A close up on the polish, you can see the micro glitters here.

IMG_1875Under the direct sunlight.

IMG_1837Taken indoor, under indirect sunlight.


For more pictures, please check my Facebook album; Nail Art, Swatches + Mani.

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