The Best Thing.

to be honest, i haven’t been doing so well. i am going through another difficult phase in my life, it’s not easy.. but as each day passes, i am getting much better. i have faith, things will get better. i am also very thankful for this thing to happen to me, i wish to say that i am not posting this to boast. i blog about things that matter to me, and hope in future, i can remember these things better, by reading my posts.

I have been meaning to blog about this, but somehow every time, I’ll decide to publish / work on another post instead. So this thing that I’m supposed to blog about is actually the best thing to happen to me, which by now, is already been a month since then.

Do you remember this post where I blogged about my love for platform boots? You can read it here if you missed that post. I posted some pictures which I mentioned were actually behind the scenes photos for a contest I joined. I don’t usually go all the way to shoot and edit my pictures but for this one, it was something I was very much interested in and so, hours of editing, shooting and some minor bit of brain storming.. has resulted with this.


I am too shy to post the full blown picture of my work, so you’ll have to bear with this from La Senza. The contest mechanics was rather simple; create a fashion inspired photograph. I could have easily done a Polyvore set for this, I did think about it but then I didn’t quite like the idea of using pictures that are not mine. And so, I used my own pictures. Well, they (my pictures) were the ones who gave me an inspiration to create a photo layout, much like a scrapbook.

And what did I win? :)


A (much needed) new phone! It is the first version of Samsung’s Galaxy Note. I was actually saving up to get either a Note (cause I can scribble/draw on it) or an iPhone, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was to win this contest. So far, I am totally loving this phone, since it is quite a huge upgrade from my Nokia 5530. The camera, is pretty good and with a front camera… you get the idea. Haha. Also, I’m finally active on Instagram, so if you want to follow me, my username is @itscarmenhong.



I am also totally in love with my pink metallic cover, so much that I went back to buy a spare one. Bought pink earphones too, to match my phone. Suddenly I love pink so much, when black has been my default favourite colour. I have to admit that this phone seems for like a mini tablet but hey, I am not complaining. Only thing is that because it’s so huge, when I shoot with my own camera, it feels like I am holding a toy. Everything else that used to be or feel normal to me, is now toy sized. Like damn.


  1. You totally deserve it! :D I want a new phone too but never seem to be able to save money to buy one. Anyways, glad to hear that you're doing better now. Hopefully together we will get through this rocky patch (: Yes, we CAN!

    1. Ah, thanks babe! We always somehow end up spending it on something else right? Haha. Yeap, we will be able to get through this and move on. *hugs*