because, it doesn't matter.


So, I am sitting down and I’m just thinking. Have you ever sat in front of the computer, so many thoughts running through your mind, so quickly like flashes? And just as you were about to grasp them, they would vanish into thin air, replaced with new thoughts. It’s overwhelming, that I can tell you. Most times, it will get so frustrating but sometimes you have to stop fighting it and give in to them...

More wishful thinking, I wish I could read minds. I wish I would know what is what, even if it’s only for a day. I really wish so. Among these wishes, I wondered. I wonder why unicorns don’t exist. I wonder why you did what you did. I wonder why I love candies but hate chocolate.

Then, there are the questions that beg to be asked. But then, do I really want to know the answers? Wouldn’t it be better to leave things as it and give it the benefit of doubt? I ask too much, think too much so it’s time I stop doing what I used to do. Not until I’m sure it’s really okay to do so.

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