Crystie’s 20th, The Apartment

About a few Sundays back, I spent an afternoon with my friends from work and then, in the late afternoon I was busy preparing for Crys’s birthday and with coordinating her ‘surprise’ birthday dinner as well. It was meant as a surprise but because I didn’t plan it properly, :x she did knew about it but played along with us. Haha. Here are some pictures of what went down during the dinner;







Once again, happy birthday Crys! I love you in ways that nobody can understand, even yourself. <3

* * * * * * * * * *

Before I end my post, this is what I had from The Apartment. I have never been here before so I did Google up on what’s good there. But there wasn’t anything that was really good (from the reviews I read online) so I ended up deciding on what seems fine from the menu, and I picked the Duck Confit.

2012-10-14 20.41.09Shot with Galaxy Note, under low light condition.

I picked this because I have never tried this anywhere before and I quite like it, the cranberries sauce was sweet, just nice and complemented the tender and slightly crispy duck. I don’t know if this was what a Duck Confit was supposed to taste like but I like it enough, anyway.


Meet Eaton Mess, a sinful delish dessert made from baked marshmallow topped with cream, tonnes of strawberries and sweet strawberries sauce. This is so delicious, it’ll make you go “screw that diet, I’ll eat this and worry about the calories later”.

* * * * * * * * * *

That’s all from me this time, have a great working week ahead. Uh, that goes out to me as well.

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